A video of the hilarious moment that a dog owner found teeth marks in the leaves of her house plant, before confronting her guilty-looking golden retriever, has delighted TikTokers.

Dog owner Hannah Johansson shared the footage on her pet’s TikTok account, @camperyohansson on January 16, and it has generated more than 920,000 views. While she surveys the damage done to the plant, Camper the golden retriever looks incredibly guilty as he stares nervously at his owner.

Retriever takes bite out of house plant
Stock photos of a young woman’s hands touching the leaves of a house plant, and of a golden retriever resting his head on the floor. A dog was caught red-handed when his owner found tiny teeth marks in a house plant.
Artit_Wongpradu / sonsam/Getty Images

Certified veterinarian Amanda Takiguchi at Betta Fish Bay told Newsweek: “Plant-eating is a common behavior seen in dogs. Specifically, many dogs will eat grass on occasion.

“There are a few different reasons your dog may be chewing on plants around the house. For example, my dog is a puppy and is still growing out of his teething phase, so in addition to house plants, he tends to chew on other things he shouldn’t.

“To help prevent your dog from chewing on plants, I recommend providing safe things to chew on such as toys or dental treats,” Takiguchi added. “Dogs often chew out of boredom, so be sure your dog is getting regular exercise. Another great way to provide mental stimulation is by using puzzle toys.”

Takiguchi also suggested that dog owners whose pets are particularly keen on chewing the house plants can “place them in areas your dog can’t get to,” which is especially important for the specific plants that can be dangerous to dogs.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) also agrees that it’s commonplace for dogs to taste test leaves and plants every now and then, but it shouldn’t be something they do too regularly.

The AKC adds that dogs often munch on leaves when they can’t find food anywhere else to “fill gaps in their diet,” so perhaps Camper was just a bit hungry and thought he’d try the plant out.

As leaves aren’t nutritious for dogs, the AKC suggests adding more herbs and vegetables into a dog’s diet to prevent them seeking nutrition from plants instead.

Golden retriever took bite out of plant
Side view of a puppy standing in yard and eating green plant in pot. A dog owner has hilariously gone viral for confronting her golden retriever when she noticed teeth marks in the leaf of her house plant.
fusaromike/Getty Images

Since the video of Camper was posted on TikTok, it has received over 240,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments in just over a week. With the video’s accompanying caption reading, “I believe the evidence speaks for itself,” many people commented on the video to defend Camper from any wrongdoing.

One TikToker posted: “objection your honor, they’re leading my client”, while another wrote that “the plant must have been like that when you bought it.” It seems that the jury is still out on this one, but hopefully Camper will keep his teeth to himself for now.

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