Square Enix’s fantasies take different forms, but none are quite like Forspoken. This action RPG’s fantasy isn’t final and blends its fantastical elements with a splash of modernity thanks to its unique isekai premise. But rather than being a refreshing take on the types of games Square Enix is known for, Forspoken is a deeply flawed experience that jumps from gripping highs to embarrassing lows, while all too often occupying the mundanity between those extremes.

Forspoken’s highest leaps are when it is literally leaping high since its protagonist, Frey, can scurry around like a magical mix of Spider-Man and any one of the protagonists from Infamous. Quickly sprinting across vast distances is a passable starting point, but the whole traversal system grows quickly and, much to its benefit, gets more complex. Chaining grapples and knowing when to jump is an active experience since there are ways to quickly regain stamina and keep the flow going. 

It’s not like other games where just pressing forward is good enough, and having to time different moves is an engaging and empowering system that requires constant attention. The exaggerated effects and animations augment its parkour by providing visual flourishes that match the energy of Frey’s supernatural skills. The game hamstrings itself in a few ways by hiding crucial moves (like its glide) in far corners of the map and making vertical and uneven structures unusually difficult to scale at times, but it’s mostly a blast to run around like an enchanted superhero.

SCORE: 5/10

As ComingSoon’s review policy explains, a score of 5 equates to “Mediocre.” The positives and negatives wind up negating each other, making it a wash.

Disclosure: The publisher provided a PlayStation 5 copy for our Forspoken review. Reviewed on version 1.000.001.